Mississippi Business Journal: Expedition Point receives final approval to begin development

A new waterfront community in the metro Jackson area, Expedition Point, will move forward now that final approval has been received from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. Managing partners Frank Perkins and Mark Frascogna are working with civil engineers and other public agencies to begin work on the land.

“I’m happy to say that the vote by the PRVWSD board to approve the agreement was unanimous,” Perkins said.

Located at the intersection of Highway 43 and the Natchez Trace Parkway in Madison County, the 123-acre Expedition Point will be developed to include approximately 180 private residential lots, a variety of amenities, and access to a public boat landing area.

The boat landing will have direct access to the Natchez Trace and the recreational activities of the 33,000-acre Ross Barnett Reservoir. Citing the appeal of being on the water, Perkins said, “The Reservoir is the largest lake in Mississippi and provides the area with tourism and water recreation. The metro area has very few large lakes not already developed. More and more people want expansive views in a resort-style setting, and Expedition Point offers the best solution. The site becomes a destination in itself.”

Perkins says Expedition Point is close to schools, restaurants, shopping, and sporting activities on both the east and west sides of the Reservoir. “The development is approximately 15 minutes from North Jackson and 15 minutes from Renaissance shopping.”

Nationally known architect Tom Low is designing Expedition Point in what is described as light-imprint design that is eco friendly. “That means he focuses on a development plan with less use of concrete streets, curbs, and gutters, and more use of permeable asphalt and natural drainage,” Perkins said. “Our plans depict natural drainage swales from the higher elevations to the waterfront and allow for vistas down to the water from many vantage points throughout the development. Walkability is key with many walking trails and bike paths. Expedition Point will have approximately 50 percent green space that will lend a feeling of openness and privacy at the same time.”

Lot sizes and house designs at Expedition Point will vary from 2,000 square feet cottages to large houses in excess of 5,000 square feet. “The elevation of the property – up to 60 feet above the waterline – and the community’s one full mile of shoreline will afford homeowners unobstructed views of the water,” Perkins said.

Lots are not being sold at this time. “Once the infrastructure has been installed in each phase, we will begin selling lots and develop the residential property in four phases,” Perkins said. “These phases include a variety of lot sizes and house types with approximately 75 percent of the lots with water views. The residential neighborhood will have a gated entry.”

The first phase will consist of 40 lots, the second phase of 61 lots, the third phase of 36 lots, and the fourth phase of 28 lots. Lot sizes range from approximately a quarter acre to an acre plus. The minimum home size is 2,000 square feet.

The majority of the homes will be single family with 20 rental cottage lots which will be part of a small inn or B & B program near the public boat landing. “This portion of the property will be commercial and open to the public near the existing boat ramp.” Perkins said. “This section will provide additional amenities to compliment the development. Ideas include a boat storage facility, restaurant, fuel and supply station, and other services which would enhance this unique property.”

Expedition Point will have covenants and a Builders Guild from which homebuyers may select house plans.

Original Story (Mississippi Business Journal)

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